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Astrology   is   the   most   ancient,   pure   and   essential   form   of   psychology   that   exists   if   we   understand   the term   in   its   etymological   meaning:   knowledge   of   the   soul   –   psyche   means   soul;   and   logos   means knowledge.    Astrology    is    a    symbolic    Language    and    this    permits    that    it    can    be    applied    to    the understanding   of   both   the   general   processes   and   cycles   of   life   and   of   its   unique   and   particular individual manifestations: human beings. The   universe   is   not   far   from   us   and   it   is   not   unattainable.   We   are   part   of   the   universe   and   therefore we   have   it   inside.   The   configurations   in   our   solar   System   at   a   particular   moment,   our   birth   moment, are   in   our   essence   and   describe   our   life   potentials.   This   birth   configuration   is   called   Natal   Chart   and   it is   a   map   that   displays   the   configurations   of   the   solar   System   when   we   were   born   as   seen   from   our birth   place.   Our   natal   Chart   is   therefore   a   map   of   our   inner   potentials   which   we   can   use   consciously and   creatively   in   our   life.   The   planets   are   not   out   there,   far   away   in   the   sky,   doing   anything   to   us,   but archetypes   we   have   inside   ready   for   us   to   use   them   and   build   our   life   in   a   constructive   and   conscious way.   
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