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Natal Chart This   is   the   first   step   towards   using   astrology   as   a   tool   for   self-knowledge.   It   consists   of   an analysis   of   your   innate   potentialities   and   inner   dynamics   and   functioning,   your   weak   and   strong points   and   their   origin.   This   exploration   opens   a   space   for   you   to   become   more   self-conscious and creative to use your potentials and to integrate the different facets of your character. You need to know your birth details: date, time and place. 
Yearly Forecast The   Natal   Chart   and   its   potentials   gradually   unfold   through   time.   Understanding   the   phases   and   stages   of   its   unfolding   is   crucial   so   that   we can   effectively   and   harmoniously   synchronise   ourselves   with   our   own   inner   developmental   rhythm.   With   the   yearly   forecast   we   obtain valuable   information   about   how   we   are   currently   placed   at   a   particular   moment   in   our   life   and   about   the   areas   of   development   that   are likely   to   be   active   during   that   year.   Normally,   the   exploration   is   done   for   the   natural   year   –   i.e.   from   one   birthday   to   the   next   one.   It   is   an orientative    non-predictive    approach,    with    the    intention    of    obtaining    tools    to    deal    with    that    part    of    our    life-journey    in    a    conscious, constructive and positive manner. This work is a synthesis of different techniques: transits, progressions, solar arc directions, lunations, eclipses and solar returns. Relationship Analysis Astrology   allows   us   a   profound   and   detailed   exploration   of   any   relationship   dynamic.   We   can   have   information   about   its   weaknesses   and strengths,   about   the   mutual   effect   the   two   individuals   involved   have   upon   each   other,   and   about   their   joined   potentials   as   a   relationship.   A relationship   analysis   can   help   us   making   the   most   of   our   mutual   interaction   and   joint   activities,   and   it   can   be   done   for   any   type   of relationship – i.e. parents and children, partners, business partners, friends, etc. I use two techniques for a Relationship Analysis: synastry and composite chart.   Astromapping At   the   moment   we   are   born   a   synchronic   effect   between   our   individual   being   and   the   Cosmos   takes   place   and   we   are   given   our   own   little   bit of   universe   which   we   will   gradually   develop   throughout   our   life.   But,   although   astrology   apparently   Works   with   celestial   bodies,   we   can’t forget   that   we   consider   them   in   relation   to   the   Earth   and   that,   ultimately,   we   live   our   natal   Chart   here   on   Earth.   The   different   astromapping techniques   turn   our   chart   into   a   geographic   map   which   shows   how   certain   areas   of   the   planet   and   directions   in   the   physical   space   correlate directly   with   the   different   parts   and   factors   of   our   Chart.   This   is   applicable   both   at   a   broad   and   small   scale.   Therefore,   we   can   use   it   both   to understand   what   we   can   experience   and   develop   in   different   places   on   the   globe   and   to   harmonize   our   personal   space   (home   or   workplace) in order to promote an optimal development of our potentials. Depending   on   what   we   are   interested   in,   different   techniques   will   be   used:   astrocartography,   cyclocartography,   geodetics,   relocation   and local space astrology.  
Glòria Roca Riera - Barcelona
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