Gl˛ria Roca Riera, DFAstrolS  Astrology
Glòria Roca Riera - Barcelona
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The   study   of   astrology   is   my   passion   since   1991   when   I   started   my   astrological   education   at   the   Faculty   of Astrological   Studies   of   London.   I   finished   my   studies   in   the   year   2000   and   I   obtained   the   Faculty’s   Diploma   in 2002 (DFAStrolS). I   work   as   a   practising   astrologer   since   then,   specialized   in   psychological   astrology.   Simultaneously   I   have studied   other   subjects   of   my   interest   such   as   hermetic   symbolism,   esoteric   astrology   and   the   astromapping techniques.    In    my    practice    I    do    individual    astrological    assessment,    relationships    analysis,    astrological assessment   for   parents   interested   in   the   understanding   of   their   children   to   help   them   develop   holistically, and   astromapping   –   astrological   techniques   applied   to   the   management   of   the   physical   space   both   at   broad and small scale. I   combine   the   astrological   practice   with   my   teaching   activity   in   Catalonia   and   England   as   a   distance   learning tutor   of   the   Faculty   of   Astrological   Studies   since   2002   and   as   a   live   tutor   at   its   Summer   School   i   Oxford   since 2005.   Also,   I’m   a   Council   and   Education   Committee   member   and   Head   of   Exams,   and   I   participate   in education Planning and writing of the teaching materials.
My   last   project   on   teaching   astrology   is   the   Aula   Astrològica   de   Catalunya,   founded   in   2011   and   based   in   Barcelona   of   which   I’m   founder, director and tutor. We offer a complete training on psychological astrology and other complementary activities and seminars.